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ISF Schaumann Research – Pinneberg site

Fundamental scientific research, formulation management and product management of ISF Schaumann Research are carried out by a team of about 16 agricultural scientists, microbiologists and technicians working at the company’s head office in Pinneberg.

Fundamental scientific research

Scientific research is important in gaining comprehensive and systematic access to any topic to then be able to establish a full overview of its associated issues. The following are therefore particularly important in answering any scientific questions.

  • Examination of the relevance of a scientific research topic
  • Familiarisation with the field of research, its fundamentals and state of the art
  • Identification of relevant issues and potentially development of new research questions
  • Solid knowledge of relevant scientific literature on the research question and related issues, including strengths and weaknesses
  • Development of a scientifically well-founded basis for discussion

The knowledge gained then forms the basis for further internal research and trials or is directly applied to concept and product development.


Formulation management

Formulations for feed supplements and premixtures for productive animal, preservation and biogas applications are developed based on internal needs specifications and the composition of the raw materials used. Relevant calculations and combinations of the desired ingredients and additives are prepared using a special software application.
Specific declarations are then made in compliance with current legal requirements. Raw materials are thoroughly analysed in our production facilities regarding their chemical/physical, physiological and legal suitability prior to their use.

Product management

We provide technical and specialist support to our sales team through support for the various product portfolios and additionally prepare and conduct training events for our external sales team. Another important aspect of our work is the presentation of trial results and concepts at specialist conferences and other relevant events.

Trial design, planning and management

Relevant issues of interest need to be selected from the broad range of research questions in the fields of productive animal nutrition, feed hygiene and renewable energies, and meaningful, feasible studies then need to be designed to address these questions.

Subsequent trial planning and management establish the foundation for the successful completion of research projects, as research projects are not only scientific challenges, but also place considerable demands on trial management. Research processes are quite explicitly organised according to a scientific process model which ensures that clear structures and thorough planning are applied throughout to maintain consistent oversight.