Field test biogas plant

776-kW field test biogas plant

ISF Schaumann Research decided to build a 776 kW field test biogas plant on Huelsenberg Estate in order to be able to test whether the results of model trials can be applied to practical biogas production.

Two identical fermentation streams allow one trial variant each to be compared with a control variant on a practically viable scale.

75 kW liquid manure biogas plant

The second biogas research plant on Huelsenberg Estate was commissioned in December 2013. The 75 kW biogas is solely used to ferment liquid cattle manure.

The key features of this plant include a system for recovering heat from spent slurry and the installation of special non-woven mats in the fermenter’s gas holder to implement a desulphurisation system.

Gülle Biogasanlage
For the exclusive fermentation of cattle manure