Wägezimmer der ISF Schaumann Forschung

Analytics by ISF Schaumann Research

As far as research is concerned, the development of customised analytical methods often forms the first step in any new project. The production of analytical results and reports is one of our most important tasks in our role as service and support provider for the quality control and assurance departments of our production facilities. Investigations focus on feedstuffs, silages, minerals, biogas fermenters and acids for preservation.

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Our chemical analytics laboratories perform analyses of crude nutrients including protein, fibre, fat, sugar, starch, ash, ADF, NDF and the bulk and trace elements calcium, phosphorus, sodium, magnesium, iron, copper, zinc, manganese, selenium etc.

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Protein-, Stickstoff- und Ammoniakbestimmung
Protein, nitrogen and ammonia analyses
Starch analysis
Wasserextraktion zur Zuckerbestimmung
Extraction of water for sugar content analysis
Hydrolyse und Extraktion von Fetten
Hydrolysis and extraction of fats
HPLC-Systeme zur Gärsäuren- und Alkoholbestimmung
HPLC systems for analysing fermentation acids and alcohol content
Auswertung der HPLC-Chromatogramme
Evaluation of HPLC chromatograms
Säure-Druck-Aufschluss zur Mengen- und Spurenelementanalyse
Acid-pressure digestion for bulk and trace element analysis
Bestimmung von Mengen und Spurenelementen mit ICP-OES
Determination of bulk and trace elements via ICP-OES
Auswertung der ICP-OES Bestimmung von Mengen und Spurenelementen
Evaluation of the ICP-OES determination of bulk and trace elements

Our microbiological laboratory performs microscopic analyses, determines yeasts and moulds, conducts quantitative and qualitative analyses of fungi and investigates lactic acid bacteria.

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Pipetting of a dilution series for yeast and mould analysis
Stomacher zur Extraktion der Mikroorganismen
Stomacher for microorganism extraction
Mould colony on YGC agar
Selektion und Mikroskopie der Spore
Microscopic analyses of a mould spore

Our physical/technical analytics department provides services including the determination of the rheological properties (flow properties, visco-elastic properties) of biogas fermenter slurry and other parameters such as the dissolving/settling behaviour of milk replacers. It also conducts various biogas trials and determines aerobic stability.

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Bigasversuche über Druckmesskopf
Biogas trials via a pressure sensor
Trocknung von Grassilage bei 65 Grad Celsius
Drying of grass silage at 65 ºC
Einstellung der Rührintensität an einem kontinuierlichen Biogasfermenter
Adjustment of mixing intensity in a continuous biogas fermenter
Ermittlung der aeroben Stabilität von Silagen
Determination of the aerobic stability of silage