Fundamental research in batch fermenters

Optimisation of fermentation processes

In recent years, ISF Schaumann Research has intensified its work on the optimisation of fermentation processes in biogas plants.

It initially conducted studies in an experimental plant comprising 48 batch fermenters with a volume of 60 l each and 28 fermenters with a volume of 30 l each. Start weights of 300-500 g allow representative samples to be taken of heterogeneous substrates without prior processing. Trials were conducted in four batches according to the VDI Guideline 4630. An additional 80 1-l batch systems with automatic pressure sensing and pressure relief (ORGA test) were established to allow gas formation to be simultaneously recorded.

Research objectives

  • Effect of aerobic losses in the substrate bed on biogas yield
  • Degradation rate and digestate potential
  • Degradation kinetics and metabolic pathways during anaerobic degradation determined by in sacco and feed batch tests