Technology Centre of ISF Schaumann Research


The new building of ISF Schaumann Research on Hülsenberg Estate in Wahlstedt comprises a 500 m² Technology Centre and biogas trial space.

The Technology Centre allows various large-scale trials to be conducted and processes to be tested. Typical tasks include:

-Ensiling trials (20 ºC climatic chamber)

-Determination of aerobic stability (20 ºC climatic chamber)

-Biogas batch trials (40 ºC climatic chamber)

-Biogas continuous trials (40 ºC climatic chamber)

-Mixing trials for acid granules and mixed feeds

-Technology Centre operation – eccentric vibrating mill for

  organic trace element production



Digester with continuous fermenters (24 units with 20 l effective volume each).
Biogas trials at a 1 l scale via pressure sensor with automatic gas discharge.
Determination of temperature increases in silage to determine aerobic stability.