Services of ISF Schaumann Research


Fundamental scientific research

Systematic research
Expansion of knowledge to establish a solid foundation for further internal research or to be fed directly into the development of concepts and products.


Quality control
Analyses of raw materials and finished products for production facilities and central purchasing. Investigations focus on feedstuffs, trace elements, minerals, biogas fermenters and acids for preservation.

Feed analyses
Qualitative and quantitative (composition) analyses.

Fermenter analyses
Examination of biological and chemical core parameters of biogas fermenter samples to ensure that products are utilised in keeping with needs.

Formulation management

Formulations and specific declarations
Formulations and specific declarations for feed supplements and premixtures for productive animal, preservation and biogas applications are developed based on internal needs specifications and the composition of the raw materials used.


Trial design, planning and management

Scientific management

Elicitation of relevant focus areas in the fields of productive animal nutrition, feed hygiene and renewable energies. Subsequent design, planning and management of meaningful, feasible trials.



Examination of animal feed
Fundamental trials for the product development of novel additives and concepts. Practical tests for evaluating product use.

Ensiling trials
Further development of ensiling agents for various substrates (grass, maize, CCM, sugar beet, WPS) and applications (cattle feed, pig feed, biogas production).


Analytical methods
Development of customised analytical methods for research projects.

Biogas research
Development involving biogas batch trials and ongoing biogas trials.

Product management

Sales support, training, expert presentations
Technical and specialist sales support through support for the various product portfolios. Preparation and provision of training events, presentation of research outcomes at specialist conferences and relevant other events.

Cooperation and exchange with companies and institutions

All of the Hülsenberg Holding companies cooperate very closely. The available equipment and methodology applied in the laboratories and Technology Centre of ISF Schaumann Research are precisely aligned with the products, raw materials and production processes of the various companies within the Group, and ISF Schaumann Research is therefore directly involved in the development of virtually all of the Group’s products.



Internal research activities are deepened and expanded through close, intensive cooperation with numerous universities and universities of applied sciences in the form of project work, bachelor and master’s and even Ph.D. theses.