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TIRSANA AMS - Liquid energy components for feeding at the milking robot

The particularly tasty TIRSANA AMS ensures that the activity of the cows increases. This has a positive influence on the number of milkings per day at the AMS and thus on the milk yield.

MiCu – micronized copper

Making maximum use of the various properties of copper with new concepts

New products in the SCHAUMANN acid range

With the reorganization of the SCHAUMACID acid program, SCHAUMANN combines proven concepts with innovations and findings from ISF Schaumann research.

MiZi – micronized zinc oxide for more performance in calf rearing

Der innovative Wirkstoff MIZI von SCHAUMANN verbessert das Wachstum von Kälbern in der Tränkeperiode und stärkt das Immunsystem.

Healthy rumen and strong immune system with RINDAVITAL VARIO PROTECT

RINDAVITAL VARIO PROTECT ensures milk yield even under suboptimal conditions and strengthens the immune system.

27. Hülsenberger Gespräche: Brochure including all the presentations now published
28.11.2018 - Symposium topic: Digitalisation in agriculture

The 27th Hülsenberger Gespräche were dedicated to the topic of "Digitisation in Agriculture". The brochure with all presentations can now be ordered or downloaded.

SILOSTAR TMR PROTECT for stable silages even at high temperatures

SILOSTAR TMR PROTECT reliably inhibits mould and yeasts in the TMR. This prevents reheating and loss of performance.

Feed preservation – SCHAUMANN presents the new SCHAUMASIL acid product range
13.02.2018 - Stable and tasty rations for high feed intake

With the reorganization of the SCHAUMASIL acid program for cattle, SCHAUMANN combines proven concepts with the innovations and knowledge from ISF Schaumann research

Calf rearing - Higher daily increases with Aminotrace Bis-Lysinates
25.10.2017 - New test results confirm the effect

SCHAUMANN setzt exklusiv die neuartigen Aminotrace-Kupfer- und -Zink-Bis-Lysinate in allen Milchaustauschern und -aufwertern ein. Die Lysinate unterstützen die Aufzucht leistungsstarker und gesunder Kälber.

BONSILAGE SPEED G markedly accelerates the ensiling process!
26.06.2017 - Best ensiling result for the 1st cut on Hülsenberg Estate

The 1st cut for 2017, which had been treated with Bonsilage Speed G, was opened again after a short ensiling period, as planned. The good appearance and pleasant smell evident as soon as the silo was opened were already indicative of impeccably high silage quality.

BONSILAGE. Measurably improved feed quality.

The new BONSILAGE programme with the product lines BASIC, SPEED and FIT offers a solution oriented product for  every area of silage

Optimization of biogas plants through the use of powerful biogas bacterial consortia
28.02.2017 - Research cooperation biogas

Scientists from the University of Applied Science (HAW) - Faculty of Life Sciences - and ISF GmbH - the R & D depatment at Schaumann BioEnergy GmbH - are working together in the coming years on the very important research projects.

RUMIVITAL® i - The new active ingredient complex for high-starch, low-fibre rations

RUMIVITAL® i allows farmers to operate more economically and sustainably. It therefore constitutes yet another milestone of ISF Schaumann Research on the path towards dairy cow feeding concepts of the future.

13.10.2016 - The innovative manipulable material for pigs

ISF Schaumann Research has developed SCHAUMANN-SIXPIG, an innovative manipulable lick for pigs (patent pending).

AMINOTRACE - A quantum leap in feeding

The use of amino acid chelates in animal feeds has increased in recent years. In this context, ISF Schaumann Research has developed its new AMINOTRACE group of active agents in cooperation with Clausthal Technical University.

SCHAUMA STABIL – stable intestine health for higher performance in pig production

The IS Schauman Forschung (R & D) has developed a highly efficient product for improvement and stabilization of intestine health.

ISF Schaumann Research – research at the highest level
28.10.2014 - Successful participation in the LfL Biogas Ring Trial

This year, the State Agricultural Institute of the Federal State of Bavaria (LfL Bavaria) conducted its eighth biogas ring trial involving 44 laboratories, among them ISF Schaumann Research, which was, for the second time, the only German laboratory to complete all five ring trials successfully.

ZELLPRO - New complex to protect cells against free radicals
19.12.2013 - ZELLPRO for dairy cows

ISF Schaumann Research has developed ZELLPRO, a cell protection complex based on the antioxidants vitamin E, copper, zinc, manganese and selenium to assist in preventing oxidative stress in high-performance cows. The complex strengthens the immune system, reduces the risk of infection and enhances performance.

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