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ISF Schaumann Research plays a central role within the Union Agricole Holding AG group of companies as a powerhouse of innovation where new products and product groups are conceived of in the fields of animal nutrition, feed preservation and biogas.


Central role as a powerhouse of innovation for 30 years


ISF Schaumann Research celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2014. ISF Schaumann Research’s relocation to the new building on Hülsenberg Estate in 2013 created optimum conditions for continuing and deepening the facility’s research and development tasks.



The work of ISF Schaumann Research provides an extensive basis for consultancy and support of our national and international sales teams.



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Analyses and tests

Foundation and base of our innovative strength


ISF Schaumann Research conducts analyses and a broad range of tests for trialling new feed additives and obtaining relevant approvals. Analyses focus on feedstuffs, silages, organically bound trace elements, minerals, biogas fermenters and acids for preservation.


Investigations, which are conducted with sophisticated analytical instruments and devices, range from chemical and microbiological analyses through to physical and technical tests under conditions simulating practical use.


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Biogas research

Successful development in the field of renewable energies


The Biogas Division of ISF Schaumann Research has gained a number of ground-breaking insights regarding biogas production processes and their improvement within only a few years.


The biogas plant on Hülsenberg Estate comprises two lines, allowing practical trials of biogas products to be conducted on a commercial scale in direct comparison. The insights gained are then used to support the production of numerous biogas products that can be customised for any biogas operation.


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