History of ISF Schaumann Research


ISF Schaumann Research was established in 1984 under the name of IS Research Society for Experimental Animal Nutrition and Animal Physiology. The company focused its research activities on the fields of nutrition physiology and animal nutrition, predominantly with regard to cattle, sheep, pigs and horses. From the start, its aim has been to improve animal health, fertility and performance.

Some milestones in our developments



BOVIN-S COMPLEX of active ingredients for mineral feed for cattle

This supplement helps reduce liver stress and thus improves dairy cows’ metabolic efficiency, particularly in case of excess protein.



Use of phytase in monogastric animals

Metabolism trials to investigate the function of phytase, an enzyme that supports the release of plant-based phosphorus.




ASS-CO FERM complex of active ingredients for mineral feed for cattle
This combination of probiotics including living yeasts and additional active ingredients helps lower the pH level in the rumen and improves milk production and feed intake.




PROVITA LE – SCHAUMANN’s first probiotic
This combination of two highly effective strains of lactic acid bacteria inhibits pathogenic microorganisms and boosts beneficial microflora in the intestinal tract of young calves.


Launch of BONSILAGE ensiling agents
Research on the fermentation of lactic acid bacteria intensified following the acquisition of the LACTOSAN microbiological production facility in Kapfenberg, Austria.



Launch of the SCHAUMANN probiotic BONVITAL
The live lactic acid bacteria supplied by this product build up a biological protective lining against pathogenic microorganisms in the intestines of pigs and poultry.



SILASIL ENERGY ensiling agent for biogas silages
Selection of special lactic acid bacteria for energy crops.



Supply of trace elements for biogas plants

Cooperative development of a requirements standard for the supply of trace elements to microorganisms in fermenters. Development of the foundations for the process, which is patented in Europe. Development of specific product lines and active ingredients.



CERAVITAL – Ferment product for pigs, poultry and calves

Development of CERAVITAL,  a protein-rich component for upgrading fodder and increasing the nutrient digestibility


AMINOTRACE - Organically bound trace elements

Development of a unique production process for organically bound trace elements in cooperation with the University Clausthal-Zellerfeld. The result is a Aminotrace-Glycinate with highest bioavailability, superior performance and environmental sustainability




New laboratory and technology centre

The ISF moves into a new equipped laboratory and technology center at Gut Hülsenberg. This obtains varied possibilities to research on active ingredients and products more intense.


ZELLPRO – the cell protection complex for dairy cows

ZELLPRO is based on antioxidant substances and prevents oxidative stress. It strengthens the immune system, the risk of infection decreases and milk performance increases.




RUMIVITAL – for an improved feed efficiency

RUMIVITAL is a highly effective ferment product for ruminants. It stimulates the digestion of vegetable fiber and starch fractions in grass-filled rations.




AKTIMAG for well-balanced animals

AKTIMAG is a highly available, organically bound magnesium source which can reduce stress and nervousness of pigs, poultry and ruminants efficiently.


Stable intestine health with SCHAUMA STABIL

SCHAUMA STABIL combines monoglycerides, plant extracts, monobutryin and a prebiotic in order to achieve maximum prophylaxis on intestine health and resistance of pigs.


ACTIVE -  accelerates the rate of biogas production

The secondary plant metabolites acts directly on the microbiological metabolism of the fermenter and reduces the metabolic pathways. The volume of biogas production  accelerates.




Further developments of AMINOTRACE

AMINOTRACE is supplemented by the innovative trace element lysinate copper bis-lysine and zinc bis-lysinate.


RUMIVITAL®i improves  feed efficiency

RUMIVITAL®i  stimulates the digestion of plant fiber and starch fractions in richer rations (conr emphasized) and increases their availability for the rumen microbes.


SCHAUMANN-SIXPIG – a manipulable lick mass for pigs

SCHAUMANN-SIXPIG consists of minerals, molasses and highly available organically bound magnesium Glycinate supporting the target of well-balanced animals




Development of BONSILAGE SPEED and FIT

The BONSILAGE product range is extended by BONSILAGE SPEED and BONSILAGE FIT: BONSILAGE SPEED ensiles measurably faster. BONSILAGE FIT provides measurably more cow fitness



Acid preservation – special coating of benzoic acid


Feed supplements – production of organically bound trace elements using an eccentric vibrating mill

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