Our company – ISF Schaumann Research


A glimpse of the past

ISF Schaumann Research was established in 1984. It celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2014, but received its best anniversary present in the form of a new facility built on Hülsenberg Estate in 2013. Over the past 30 years, ISF Schaumann Research has been closely involved in a number of major developments that can be described as genuine milestones.


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ISF Schaumann Research plays a central, highly valued role within the Union Agricole Holding AG group of companies. In its current form, ISF Schaumann Research is the core laboratory and research centre for the entire Group.


Its aim is to support all of the Group companies through active consultancy.


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The tasks of ISF GmbH are distributed across two sites:
- Fundamental scientific research is carried out in Pinneberg by a team of about 16 agricultural scientists, microbiologists and technicians.
- The laboratory with its team of 17 chemists, specialist engineers and highly qualified specialists in the fields of chemistry, microbiology and technology is located in Wahlstedt.
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