Analytics by ISF Schaumann Research

As far as research is concerned, the development of customised analytical methods often forms the first step in any new project.

The production of analytical results and reports is one of our most important tasks in our role as service and support provider for the quality control and assurance departments of our production facilities. Investigations focus on feedstuffs, silages, minerals, biogas fermenters and acids for preservation.




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Our analytical chemistry laboratories conduct analyses of crude nutrients (crude protein, ash, sugar, starch, fibre, fat) as well as bulk and trace elements, heavy metals and organic acids.

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Microscopic analyses and the analysis of yeasts, moulds and lactic acid bacteria are conducted in our microbiological analytics department.
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Our physical/technical analytics department provides services including the determination of the rheological properties of biogas fermenter slurry and other parameters such as the dissolving/settling behaviour of milk replacers.
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