MiCu – micronized copper

09.10.2019 -

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Making maximum use of the various properties of copper with new concepts


SCHAUMANN's unique, patented machining process changes the properties of the copper molecules and thus increases the antimicrobial effect. In addition, a longer residence time in the gastrointestinal tract is achieved and the contribution to stabilising the intestinal flora is maximised.


In the overall concept of copper supply for weaned piglets, MiCu in combination with Aminotrace-Cu-Bis-Lysinate on the one hand ensures a high level of supply for the animals and at the same time makes ideal use of the germ inhibiting effect.


The use of MiCu in SCHAUMANN piglet mineral feeds thus promotes the health and performance of the piglets without exceeding the prescribed maximum quantities.


Ask your SCHAUMANN consultant for more safety in piglet rearing.


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